For Vs. Against

Stop focusing on what you are against.
Find out what you are for and then build up the courage to pursue that, no matter what.

Christal Earle

A friend recently shared a Mother Teresa quote with me:

“I am not against war. I am for peace.”

I can’t stop thinking about it.

 Right now I am in northern Thailand, working with some of my personal heroes, partnering with them to build a stronger future for 125+ kids that have been rescued out of slavery, trafficking and exploitation. Today we spent the day growing together, laughing, learning and making memories together. 

 ImageThis afternoon, as I walked toward the raucous volleyball game I could hear everyone playing at the far end of the properly, I thought of Mother Teresa’s words. 

I asked myself what I am for. 

I had to think really hard.

 I know what I am against – that’s the easy answers.

I am against exploitation. I am against injustice. I am against cruelty, greed and selfish gain.

I am against apathy and excuses.



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Blue Skies

Blue Skies

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